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New Products

Meet the latest addition to our spotbot specialty automotive product line. We are constantly expanding and adding NEW PRODUCTS! to our specially formulated spotbot specialty automotive product lines. Be sure to check out our latest and greatest products here.

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Spotbot Specialty Automotive Products

Spotbot was created with the everyday consumer in mind. Here at spotbot auto, we wanted to design and create a product that not only worked quickly but also worked very easily and effortlessly. In the automotive detail industry, a lot of shops use other brands to detail customer vehicles. Here at Hawaii Auto Detail, we wanted to be unique and stand out by creating our own specially formulated automotive detail products that could help us work quickly and effectively. We decided since our products work so well for us why not release it to the public so that people could enjoy spotbot products just like we do!

If you are looking for automotive detailing products that actually work then look no further! Our product is backed by hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide.

Our spotbot products are so well diversified that you can find things from water spot removal for glass, water spot removal for painted surfaces as well as many others such as water spot protection coatings, quick interior and exterior detailer, car wash soaps and more.

We are constantly expanding our product line on a daily basis and invite you to enjoy the marvelous product we all know today as spotbot!


Do you have any discounts?

Yes we do! Like us on facebook to receive your daily deals. Also sign up on our newsletter to receive any special discounts.

I don't live in Hawaii how can I get spotbot?

Not to worry! We ship World Wide! Place your order today.

I tried other water spot remover products and they don't work, will spotbot sptoless work?

Yes. We have thousands of satisfied customers world wide

I removed the water spots using spotless but they came back, how can I keep them from coming back?

Our product Spotbot Repel will keep them from coming back

Does spotbot repel really last for 2 years?


I would like to bulk buy, do you offer discounts?

Yes we do! Give us a call 808-206-1936 or fill out our contact form below.

When will spotbot remove be available?

We currently do not have an exact ETA but if you sign up to our newsletter you can be sure to be informed the moment it’s available

Do you guys plan to have different version of spotbot?

Yes! We are constantly expanding daily

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