Ceramic Coating 5 Reasons You Need it for Your Car

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Why Ceramic Coating For Cars?

5 Reasons You Need Ceramic Coating for Your Car

UPDATED: 07-13-2018

Here is the truth about ceramic coatings. The auto detailing industry has seen some incredible technological advances over recent years, and nano coating is the very latest.

Nano coating, also known as ceramic coating, is a molecular process that provides the ultimate protection for both vehicle exteriors and interiors.

A correctly applied, quality ceramic paint coating will help keep your car looking as good as the day it left the showroom.

There’s a perceived wisdom that insists that if you want to get an insight into someone’s true character and personality, take a look at the vehicle they drive.

In most cases, this hits the mark.

Driving around in a clean and well-cared-for automobile will say a lot more about you than just your taste in cars and your favorite color.

And as a car enthusiast that’s why you want your vehicle to look its best, both inside and out.

Driving With Ceramic Coating


You just drove your brand new sports car off the lot.

The sun is shining down and reflecting off your vehicle’s immaculate paintwork.

You know you’re looking great, and you don’t care if everybody knows it!

You and your car are really going to turn a lot of heads today.

Your ceramic car coating will help you shine and protect your vehicle from the harsh conditions of the road.

ceramic car coating is the ultimate way to protect your vehicle.

Not only does it protect against car paint but it works on your rims, cars trim, paint surface, and it makes an ultimate glass coating as well.


Your vehicle won’t always look as good as it does right now.

Not unless you do something to keep it that way.

A nano-ceramic paint coating for your car will provide lasting protection and maintain your vehicle’s paint job ‘as new’ for years to come.

There are many benefits to getting ceramic coating for your vehicle But before we get into levels of paint and bodywork protection, the extended durability of the finished process, enhanced cleanliness, and everything else that comes with a ceramic coating let’s take a look at what it actually is:


Without getting too technical, a ceramic coating (also called nano-coating or nano-glass coating) blankets your vehicle in a glossy glass shell and bonds with the paint on your car at a microscopic level to enhance its beauty and protection against the environment.

This nano-coating creates a shield-like protective layer capable of withstanding higher levels of damage than non-coated paint jobs, thereby keeping your vehicle looking factory fresh over extended periods of time.

There are various ceramic coating solutions available for both interiors and exteriors, and for any kind of vehicle.

That said, there are more benefits to a ceramic paint job than merely the fantastic visuals. Here are five reasons why you need to get a ceramic coating for your vehicle:

Ceramic Coating Provides #1 Superior protection

Every time you drive your vehicle, it faces a barrage of attacks to its bodywork; accidental scratches, dirt, mud, and all kinds of contaminants that are just a normal part of the road.

The nanotechnology involved in ceramic coating ensures that the original paintwork of your car becomes a protective layer that can withstand damage without showing any ill-effects to the exterior.

Ceramic Coating Benefits:

  • Long lasting paint protection
  • No more waxing for 6-years
  • Resists water spots
  • Resists bird drop etching
  • Resists UV sun ray damage (fading)
  • Resists paint oxidation/rusting
  • Resists rock chips
  • Resists dirt and grime from sticking
  • Resists swirl marks
  • Resists topical scratches and key-marks
  • Resists flames & heat up to 1000°F
  • Resists chemical damage
  • Resists corrosion
  • Resists spray paint & marker vandalism
  • Extremely enhanced intense deep gloss and ultra shine
  • Superhydrophobic water-beading properties
  • Self-healing abilities
  • Avoid frequent car waxes
  • Repel water

#2 Provides improved durability

Ceramic paint coating works much harder at protecting the surface of your vehicle than an ordinary paint job.

The new coating bonds with the molecular structure of your car’s paint and can’t be dislodged by vibrations or external force.

Plus, whereas traditional coatings, like wax, for example, will show with time signs of wear from exposure to the weather, acidic rain, and bird droppings, etc., a ceramic coating will last for years with proper maintenance.

Your vehicles exterior will thank you for adding the extra layers of protection which is done in a proper ceramic vehicle coating.

The coated surface prevents water from water containment which repel water easily.

#3 Increases your vehicle’s cleanliness

clean vehicle

clean vehicle A pitted surface is an El Dorado for dirt and dust on your car’s exterior.

A professionally applied ceramic coating operates at the molecular level to ensure an extremely smooth and even finish.

Any dirt coming into contact with your car’s surface paint has no place to stick and simply slides off which also prevents water spotting.

Besides dust and dirt, this coating provided also protects against rock chips which are very common when driving on the road.

Add to this the hydrophobic, (water repellant) qualities and you’ll understand why it is this ‘smoothing’ property that gives ceramic coatings their reputation for the kind of long-lasting, pristine shine that keeps your car looking like it’s just come off the factory line.

The coated surface also protects against swirl marks and the need to eliminate car waxes.

#4 Eliminates the need for waxing

You remember all those hours you spent rubbing and buffing your paintwork to get a shine that came nowhere near the elbow grease/sweat/effort/result ratio you were hoping for? Well, the good news is that those days are gone.

With a ceramic coating, your paint job will receive the sealing protection it needs, without all the blood, sweat and tears.

#5 Saves you money 

Of course, getting a ceramic coating installed on your vehicle represents a financial investment.

That said, when you consider that waxing needs to be repeated every six to eighteen months, the cost for the protective nanotechnology really falls into perspective.

The average vehicle owner spends around $200 every three months for a thorough wash and wax.

That’s a yearly bill of $800. Multiply that figure over five years, and you’re spending $4,000 for quarterly waxing.

When properly maintained and professionally applied, the ceramic coating is essentially a permanent feature, and a single application should last the average tenure of vehicle ownership.

Never having to wax your vehicle again will save you money. Period.

How To Wash Car After Ceramic Coating

Although ceramic coating is a paint protection and a very strong one at that. Keep in mind you will still need to maintain it.

Having a ceramically coated vehicle doesn’t eliminate the need to wash and maintain your vehicle.

The best way to wash your vehicle at home would be to use the two bucket method. This is the safest way to care for your ceramic coated car.

Washing your vehicle using the 2 bucket method is simple and straightforward.

If you’d like to know more or learn how to do the two bucket method then please check out our post click here.

Ceramic Coating Vs Wax

There is no doubt that ceramic coating beats a regular traditional wax.

Not only does a ceramic coated vehicle last longer and stay protected much longer but it also has scratch resistant and hydrophobic properties which repel water.

Ceramic coating can be done at home but we highly advise not to.

We recommend getting it done by a professional service technician who is able to do the job correctly.

Why Get A Professional To Install Ceramic?

ceramic coating is a sealant which will seal any mistakes in.

Having a professional detail company such as Hawaii Auto Detail to install it not only ensures a proper install but we also detail your vehicle and do paint correction before sealing off your paint with a ceramic coated layer.

Making sure that your vehicle is properly detailed before applying ceramic makes a HUGE difference in quality.

Not only quality, if you decide to do it yourself and during the cleaning process miss an area. It will get sealed in after applying the ceramic coating.

Wax Before Ceramic Coating?

Some inexperienced users may believe that if you apply wax before ceramic coating that it will be acting as a stronger paint protector.

This is untrue. In fact, you’ll want to degrease and clean off any dirt or oil that is on your car before applying ceramic coating to ensure a proper bond.

As for applying wax on a ceramic coated vehicle…it will work but really defeats the purpose of the ceramic coating properties.

But as a maintenance procedure, we recommend using spotbot flash which is our instant quick detail spray to maintain and up keep your ceramic coated vehicle.


5 reasons to ceramic coat

5 reasons to ceramic coat

Choosing a ceramic coating for your car means you get the best of both worlds – enhanced protection and an amazing visual effect.

And it is precisely this superior protection, coupled with the extraordinary long-term value, which makes a ceramic pro coating the go-to application for car owners who want to keep their vehicles looking like new for years to come.

Hawaii Auto Detail has been providing auto detailing services to Oahu and its neighboring communities since 2002. We are fully-trained and accredited applicators for Tevo Creations Bodygard Series Ceramic Protection, the #1 Made-in-the-World coating that can provide your vehicle with an ultra-glossy finish for up to 6-years.

ceramic coating for cars seems the be the ultimate choice when it comes to maintaining your vehicles cars exterior.

The added paint protection your cars paint needs which offers layers of protection. Bring out that deep gloss with proper applied ceramic.

We also provide a whole range of other services besides ceramic nano coating such as:

  • paint correction
  • car wash
  • exterior car care
  • paint chip repair
  • detailing supplies
  • restoration products
  • metal polishes
  • waxes and sealants
  • interior care
  • glass coating
  • polish and waxing
  • scratch removal
  • interior stain removal
  • headlight restoration
  • engine cleaning
  • scuff mark removal
  • machine buffing
  • heavy odor removal
  • interior shampoo
  • surface prep
  • and much, much more.

hawaii auto detail

Detailing Hawaii

We are the ultimate service when it comes to detailing Hawaii. Remember, a ceramic pro vehicle coating isn’t exactly easy to apply. You’ll have to apply the ceramic vehicle coating to your vehicles paint surfaces, cars trim, rims and glass so we recommend all car enthusiasts to get your car detailing, paint correction, and ceramic nano coats done by professionals.

At Hawaii Auto Detail Inc. We make detailing Hawaii a breeze. Get your vehicles exterior car care and interior car care it deserves with a professional ceramic pro coating.

You can call us at (808) 206-1963, or use our handy contact form to book your appointment today. Let us get your car looking great again!


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