How To Get Rid Of Water Spots On Black Car

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How To Get Rid Of Water Spots On Black Car


If you suffer from water spots on your black car then this write up is for you.

Sometimes, water spots will dry on your vehicle making it impossible to remove.

Whether it be sprinkler damage or water spot build up from the harsh weather conditions.

Regardless, it is very annoying to see. Especially after you wash your vehicle and wipe it dry.

Only to find out that the water spots won’t remove.

We won’t waste your time on how water spots are formed.

Instead, we will get straight to the point on removing those nasty water spot build up.

If you’re interested in reading more about how water spots are formed then check out our other blog post located here.


Home Remedies To Remove Water Spots On Black Car


As a professional detail shop, we highly advise against using any type of home remedies to remove water spots.

Especially on painted surfaces as this can damage and create more of a problem in the long run.

Some people will tell you to use 0000 steel wool… DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS.

Unless you want to scratch up your precious paint job making it even worse.

Others will tell you to use vinegar. Again do not attempt to do this.

Vinegar is a cooking ingredient and is not made for the purpose of applying to painted vehicles.


Water Spots On Car won’t Come Off


Regardless, you may have tried everything or even seen some home remedy solutions and your water spots still don’t seem to come off.

You may have also tried other products found online which claims to remove water spots from your car.

But either you had to put in a lot of extra work or applications to completely remove the water spots from just a small area.

Don’t worry we have found a solution which not only works well but is extremely easy to use.

This solution is called spotbot dissolve and is specifically designed to work on removing water spots from your vehicle.

It is safe to use on your paint and we even have a video demonstrating how well it works against other products which claim to remove water spots from your vehicle.

Check out the Spotbot Dissolve video here: 

Keep in mind that the video is a demonstration using the old bottle of spotbot dissolve. Since then, the bottle design has improved.

Here is the same formula in the newly designed spotbot dissolve bottle:

How To Prevent Water Spots After Car Wash


Well now that you removed the water spots off the paint of your vehicle, you will want to protect it from future water spots.

If that’s the case, we would highly recommend getting a ceramic coating for your vehicle which has hydrophobic properties and will prevent water spots from forming.

When you do decide to get a ceramic coating paint protection service it is highly advised to get a professional to install it such as Hawaii Auto Detail.

If you’re located in Hawaii on the island of Oahu then definitely come by and check us out to get a professionally installed coating of ceramic.

Otherwise, be sure to check out your local detail company for ceramic coating services.

Here is why you need a ceramic coating.



How To Remove Water Spots From Car Windows


Now that we covered removing water spots from your painted surfaces. Let’s go over another product called spotbot spotless.

Spotbot spotless is designed to remove water spots from your glass surfaces and mirrors.

It works on all glass surfaces (house windows as well) and although it was specifically designed as an automotive detail product you may also use it on any glass surfaces you wish.

Although we would highly advise using it on aquarium fish tanks. Unless you decide to do it on the exterior of your fish tank.


Let’s take a look at spotbot spotless in action.

Here is a video of spotbot spotless:


Also Just like the spotbot dissolve video, this video also shows the old bottle of spotbot spotless. Here is a picture of the newly designed spotbot spotless bottle.

It’s the same formula just new and improved design.

Best Water Spot Remover For Cars


So there you have it. The best water spot removers for cars including the car windows.

Spotbot Dissolve for your painted surfaces and Spotbot Spotless for your windows.

These products can be purchased directly online at

Also be sure to check out the spotbot bundles which offers free shipping to anywhere in the USA.

Not only does the bundles offer FREE SHIPPING but you also get a discount when ordering both spotbot dissolve and spotbot spotless as a bundle.


A Pro Tip When Removing Water Spots From Your Car


A pro tip to use when removing water spots from your vehicle is to apply spotbot dissolve and or spotbot spotless in a shaded cool area.

Also, keep a spray bottle with water to apply to the area before and after the application of the spotbot products.

So basically, you will spray water on your glass or painted surface. Wipe it dry with a clean microfiber towel.

Then apply spotbot spotless to your windows or spotbot dissolve to your paint. After application wipe dry with a clean microfiber towel.

Immediately after applying the spotbot product spray some water again using your spray bottle and wipe dry to check your work.

Some water spots will be extremely stubborn so simply repeat the steps until the water spots are completely removed.


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