How To Remove Deep Scratches From Car Bumper

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How To Remove Deep Scratches From Car Bumper

There is nothing more annoying than having a deep scratch on your bumper. To protect yourself in the future we highly recommend getting a ceramic coating installed by a professional on your vehicle to prevent scratches.

If you are looking for a professional detail shop to install your ceramic coating we recommend coming down to Hawaii Auto Detail.

In the meantime, how do you remove a deep scratch from your car’s bumper?

Well, there are numerous ways to go about this at home and for the sake of this write-up, we will go over some of the home remedies you can use to get rid of those deep scratches from your vehicle’s bumper.

Although we highly advise not to go about it and would rather suggest visiting a detail shop to correct the problem here is how it can be done at home.

Please do your due diligence before applying any of these temporary fixes.


Shoe Polish

remove scratches with shoe polishResearch online shows that ordinary shoe polish could help with the removal of a deep scratch on your bumper. If you’re brave enough to try it out on your expensive vehicle then here is how it’s done.

Use soap and water to thoroughly clean the area with the scratch. Be sure to wipe it dry after using soap and water to clean the affected area.

For a high-quality soap, we would recommend Spotbot Cleanse.

Now get your hands on some shoe polish but be sure that the color of the polish is darker than your vehicles paint. Spread out the shoe polish over the scratch and it should seep into the scratch.

This helps because you’ll need to use sandpaper to gently remove the scratch.

Sand down the area very carefully not to go deeper than the scratch of your surrounding painted areas.

If you sand too deep you will more than likely cause more damage to your vehicle.

The shoe polish will help guide you while sanding down the area so that you do not go too deep while sanding.

After sanding the area, buff out the area to check your work and to see if the scratch is still visible. If the scratch is way too deep you’ll need to visit a detail shop to correct the issue.


Toothpaste To Remove Scratches On Vehicle

remove scratches with tooth paste

Yep…toothpaste…or at least what they say online..again if you decide to do this method be sure to do your own due diligence before proceeding.

To use toothpaste to remove a scratch on your vehicle simply apply some toothpaste to the area and attempt to buff that area with the toothpaste.

It helps to go in a circular motion why buffing the area. Also be sure to clean the area with soap and water and allow it to dry before applying the toothpaste.

After you have applied the toothpaste and buffed the area, use a soft microfiber cloth to clean the area.

Check your work, if it hasn’t disappeared then reapply. If rinsing and repeating the process doesn’t help. Seek professional help by visiting a professional detail shop.


Nail Polish To Remove Scratches

cover up scratches with nail polish

Sometimes if the scratch is really deep and you refuse to seek professional help by an auto detailing specialist then you can always opt in to cover up the problem by using nail polish as a touch-up paint.

If you decide to try and cover up the problem using nail polish, just be sure to match the color of your vehicle as closely as possible.

Again, this is just to cover up the problem. Think of it like patching a wall…After a wall is patched you can still tell that area was patched up.

So by applying nail polish, you’ll be able to tell that the area is being covered up.


Candle Wax To Remove Scratches

If your scratches are light, you can attempt to use candle wax to seal and cover up those scratches. This is definitely a temporary solution and not a permanent fix.

If you want to use candle wax to fix a scratch make sure the area is clean by using soap and water then allowing the area to dry.

Grab some candle wax then proceed to rub the candle wax gently onto the scratches. This will cause the wax to cover up and seal any light scratches.

Again, if this doesn’t help you then the scratch is way too deep and will need to be looked at on a professional level.


Super Glue To Remove Scratches

use super glue to cover scratches

Using super glue can also help as a home remedy to remove scratches. What it does is actually level the scratch with the surface of the painted area that isn’t affected by scratches.

Just like the other home remedies, this is only a temporary solution.

When you apply the super glue be sure to apply it very thinly onto the scratch. The super glue will blend right in with the surrounding painted surfaces and will cover up that area.



So there you have it. Those were some way to remove scratches from your vehicle’s bumper. As mentioned in the article. We do not advise trying out these methods and to do your own research before deciding to jump right in.

What we do recommend is visiting a professional automotive detail shop to correct the problem.

If you’re in Hawaii on the island of Oahu then be sure to visit us at Hawaii Auto Detail and we will be able to fix that problem for you.

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How To Remove Deep Scratches From Car Bumper
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