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Pre-Shipping Detail Package

Pass The Pre-Shipment Inspections

pass the pre shipping inspection

Pre-Shipping Detail Package

Military PCS’ing? Need to pass the shipping vehicle inspection? Shipping your Car from Hawaii to the mainland? Pass pre-shipment inspection for your vehicle. 100% Guaranteed no questions asked with our coveted Pre-Shipping Detailing Package!

Need to ship your vehicle from Hawaii and worried that you won’t pass shipping inspection? Then you need our 100% guaranteed pre-shipping package which is guaranteed for you to pass the pre-shipment inspections needed to ship your vehicle from Hawaii to another state.

Maybe you’re military PCS’ing and need to get your vehicle shipped out. Don’t worry, Hawaii Auto Detail has got you covered.

Our pre-shipping package is what you’ll need!

Here is what Hawaii Auto Detail can do for you:

  • Top Engine Cleaning
  • Hand Wash & Dry
  • Spray Wax
  • Clean Tires
  • Clean Rims & Wells
  • Wipe Door and Trunk Jambs
  • Vacuum Interior and Trunk
  • Clean Inside Windows
  • Interior Dusting
  • Spot Treat Interior
  • Hand Buffing
  • Mild Gloss Restoration


These are some of the benefits of our pre-shipping detailing package. You will 100% guaranteed to pass the pre-shipping clean vehicle inspections needed by the shipping company.

Things To Know When Shipping Your Vehicle

things to know when shipping your vehicle

Whether you decide to ship your vehicle through Matson or any other shipping company, your vehicle must pass a shipping inspection.

Part of that inspection is making sure your car is well maintained. Which includes a proper detail, the last thing you’d want is to schedule a shipment only to find out that your vehicle doesn’t qualify for shipping.

Besides the mechanical issues, Matson, as well as other shipping companies require a thoroughly clean vehicle which includes cleaning of the engine bay.

NOTE: They will not ship your vehicle if it doesn’t pass the clean inspection.

Clean Vehicle

clean vehicle to pass inspection

When shipping your vehicle out, it is required to have it washed and cleaned, exterior and interior. It will be surveyed at the load port and dirty vehicles will not be accepted.

This goes for all shipping companies because a stringent inspection is done by the USDA.

Shipping A Car From Hawaii To The Mainland

Here are some of the things the USDA will look for when shipping out your vehicle.

They will look for clumps of mud in your wheel wells and under your vehicle’s carriage.

They will also inspect under the hood of vehicles. They look for dirt, grass and plant seeds that may be left on your car without you even knowing!

They inspect your interior as well as your exterior for anything that they may find invasive.

Car Shipping Requirements

car shipping requirements

Here is the worst part, when your vehicle is inspected and it doesn’t pass the inspection, the shipping company will not be able to ship your vehicle until the vehicle has been cleaned properly and re-inspected by the USDA.

This can cause delays in your transit and can be a nightmare!

So if you’re looking to get your vehicle thoroughly cleaned that will 100% pass the cleaning inspection done by the USDA then look no further.

Hawaii Auto Detail will take care of all of that while you worry about the other important things that needs to be done when shipping your vehicle out.

Protect Your Car During Transport

protect your car during transportNot only does Hawaii Auto Detail offer a 100% pass pre-shipping vehicle inspection we also offer the best and top of the line ceramic coating to protect your vehicle during shipment.

Let’s face it, your car will be on a ship/boat in harsh saltwater conditions for a few days as it arrives at its destination.

Wouldn’t you want to protect your vehicle during these times with a professional ceramic coating paint protection?

If you’re interested in getting your vehicle ceramic coated then click here.

Preparing A Car For Transport (Other Useful Tips)

It is always a wise decision to properly prepare your car for transport from Hawaii. Besides the clean vehicle inspection (which is what we will take care of) here are some other useful information you’ll need to know when preparing your car for transport.

Remove All Personal Belongings

Be sure to remove your personal belongings and also remember that anything not bolted in your vehicle should be removed.


Some companies such as matson require your vehicle to have 1/4 tank or less fuel when delivering your car to them.

Also be sure to check with the company you decide to go with to ship your car.

Fire Extinguishers

Must be removed. Federal regulations do not permit fire extinguishers to be shipped with your automobile.

We hope you have a safe journey and look forward to serving you!

Hawaii Auto Detail

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Pre-Shipping Detail Package
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