Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

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What brand of ceramic do you use?

We use TEVO s36 and s60

Does your ceramic coating deal include detailing on both interior and exterior?

It includes exterior only. We offer detailing packages for interior


How long does it take to ceramic coat a vehicle?

Normally 3-4 days

How long does the ceramic last?

Longevity of the ceramic depends on the conditions your vehicle sees on a daily basis. However, with proper maintenance and care it can last 5-12 years.

Seems too good to be true...what's the catch?

No catch…We believe in providing superior quality products for our customers


Can I buy a bottle of ceramic coating to do it myself?

Yes, we sell it at our pearl city location

How much does it cost if I buy a bottle of ceramic coating?

We have both on sale. Tevo S36 is $199.99 and Tevo S60 is $249.99

Where can I buy Spotbot?

Directly on our website at http://hawaiiautodetail.com/shop/ or at our store in Pearl City

I don't live in Hawaii how can I get spotbot?

Order Online. We ship world wide.


How much does spotbot cost?

We have multiple products of spotbot and each have their own individual price. For a list check out http://hawaiiautodetail.com/shop/


I tried other water spot remover products and they don't work, will spotbot sptoless work?

Yes, we have thousands of satisfied customers world wide

I removed the water spots using spotless but they came back, how can I keep them from coming back?

Our product spotbot repel will keep them from coming back


Does spotbot repel really last for 2 years?

Yes, we highly recommend it!

I would like to bulk buy, do you offer discounts?

Yes we do! Give us a call 808-206-1936


When will spotbot remove be available?

We currently do not have an exact ETA but if you sign up to our newsletter you can be sure to be informed the moment it’s available


Do you guys plan to have different version of spotbot?

Yes! We currently do! and we are constantly expanding daily

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