How To Remove Dust From Car Without Scratching It

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How To Remove Dust From Car Without Scratching It


Are you too tired or simply do not have the time to wash your vehicle but want to get all that dust off your car without scratching it? Then this write up will show you how to remove dust from your car without scratching it.


A quick and very easy solution would be to use a quick detailer. We recommend using Spotbot Flash.


For light dust, you could also use a California duster to get rid of all light dust from your car.


For heavy dust and dirt using spotbot flash would be an ideal solution.


Quick Instant Detailer

quick instant detailer

Not only is Spotbot Flash the best and easiest way to get that specific task done in a timely manner Spotbot Flash is also a quick and instant detailer that has 100% carnauba wax for an extra coat of protection.


Always remember to use a spray bottle with water and spray a little spotbot flash as well.


We have a step by step video to show you how to use spotbot flash:



As you can see from the video the steps are quite simple and very easy to use.


In case you don’t want to watch the video listed below are the steps (for light dust):


  1. Shake spotbot flash well before using
  2. Spray on to the vehicle and wipe away
  3. Rinse and repeat until complete


It’s that easy. For vehicles with heavy dirt and dust, you would do the same process above except you can use some light water.


You can use a spray bottle with water or simply use your water hose. Just apply water to vehicles with heavier dust and dirt and then spray spotbot flash and wipe away.


Ceramic coated vehicles

If you have a ceramic coated vehicle then you’re in luck. To remove dirt or dust is extremely easy and all you’ll need is a damp microfiber towel and wipe away.


Be sure to check out Hawaii Auto Detail for a professional install of the ceramic coating.


What Not To DO!


There are some tips online where people tell you to use a household duster. Unless you want to scratch or damage your paint. Leave it for the home.


Other solutions are available and if you do not want to get spotbot flash and want a more liquid free solution look into a California duster.


With the price of the California duster, it would probably be a wiser decision to get spotbot flash as it will add a wax coating which means extra car protection.


Also, there have been reports that the California duster scratched vehicles. We are not sure on how accurate that information is but always be sure to do your own due diligence before applying to your vehicle.




We hope this article helped you out and if you enjoyed the information shared here with Hawaii Auto Detail be sure to visit our blog for other great tips and tricks to cleaning, detailing and maintaining your vehicle.


A California duster may help but for a quick and easy solution spotbot flash is the way to go.


Also for the ultimate solution, get your vehicle ceramic coated and use spotbot flash as a maintenance product.

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