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spotbot spotless 16oz

1 x SPOTBOT – SPOTLESS: Perfect Water Spot Remover

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spotbot repel

1 x SPOTBOT – REPEL: The Ultimate Glass Protection

How to Use Spotbot Repel:

  1. clean windows thoroughly to remove dirt and contamination using Spotbot Spotless
  2. firmly grip on bottom seal between the two bags and pull apart to mix both solutions
  3. swirl bag around to assure solution is mixed evenly and let settle for a minute
  4. once settled. pull open top seal where pour tube is located
  5. using gloves. pour some repel onto glass and use applicator pads to spread evenly onto glass
  6. once spread. let sit for a minute then use the microfiber towel to hand buff excess repel off
  7. repeats steps 5-6 doe 2 coats on all glass and mirror surfaces

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spotless repel combo

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Remove those water spots with spotbot spotless from your glass surfaces and keep them off for 2-years with spotbot repel


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