Tevo Ceramic Coating

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TEVO Creations Ceramic Coating

Introducing TEVO Creations, Automotive Mohs Scale 9H Premium Class Quartz Ceramic Coating.

TEVO Advance Glass Coating is engineered for professional use only. Please refer to technical data sheet or seek for nearest TEVO authorized detailing center for optimum application method.

Engineered for ultimate protection specialized in protection coating manufacturing.

What Is TEVO Advance Glass Coating?

TEVO Incorporated with our High Performance Automotive Coating series wit inorganic glass compound with adjustable amount of active ingredients. TEVO Advance Glass Coating is stunningly different from the rest.

When applied it forms extremely durable crystallized layer to protect your vehicle from weathering (UV and Acid Rain), reduce adherence of permanent stains (watermark, bird dropping, tree sap, etc).

Providing anti-corrosion property and preventing paint from fading away. heat resistance up to 350 celsius (662 Fahrenheit)


With TEVO Ceramic Coating cleaning becomes easy. Penetrate and covers all the uneven pores, creating an extreme smooth fine finishing surface.


High repellency of water, stains, and liquids. Creating diamond beading when contact with water.


Superb Glossiness with mirror finishing. Superior-Glossy finishing, greatly enhanced the color contract wit mirror visual effect.


Crystallized protection layer provide hardness ranging from 6H to 9H (diamond hardness at 10H).


Restore faded surface and weather protection (2 in 1 dual action). Immediate restoration of oxidied and faded surfaces of vehicle. Will protect against extreme weathering.


  • Minimum Maintenance
  • High Gloss, shine and reflectiviy
  • Superior Paint and Clear Coat Protection
  • Resistance to UV and Environmental Contaminants


Avoid Application under direct sunlight. Do not inhale. For external use only.


If you’re located in Hawaii on the island of Oahu and looking for the best auto detailing company to install your ceramic coating. Visit us to get our special at $799 for any size vehicle. Which Includes:

  • Complete Wash
  • Acid Bomb
  • Clay Bar
  • 3-Stage Buffing with polish (paint correction)
  • Then a complete install of the ceramic coating (which includes glare on the windows)


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