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The hyper foaming froth wash. Cleanse your car with our super soap-suds car wash that makes your car fresh, clean and smelling fabulous!

Glamorous shine and an alluring scent: Hawaiian Punch Scent

Cleansing froth washes for a clean and great smelling slate.


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Spotbot Cleanse is a hyper foaming car wash soap that produces only the very best soap suds that are for a quick and easy way to remove the contamination build up to have a clean slate/surface to work on.

it’s the perfect preparation wash for heavy and light duty jobs. It can be used as a hand wash or with a foam canon either by water hose or pressure washer canon for a versatile application.

the concentration is ready for dilution ratios of 1:100 for extended use and the ultimate savings. Cleanse comes in a variety of scents to captivate your senses of smell. Easy on hands without any harsh chemicals for a fun washing experience.

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How to use spotbot cleanse:

  • place vehicle in a shaded area and out of direct sunlight to prevent spotting
  • add one part soap to 1 gallon of water in a bucket.
  • rinse car from top to bottom
  • lather car with cleanse from the top using a clean sponge or wash mitt
  • rinse clean to remove soap and dry with a towel

Best Car Wash Soap

best car wash product

Spotbot is a lifestyle, We are not your average auto detailing products that you can find anywhere. We are an exclusive brand only found here. We provide nothing but the best quality products which are easy to use. Spotbot Cleanse is the ultimate car wash soap for your vehicles steady shine. You spent a lot of money on your vehicle, why not use only the best car wash products out there.

Available in 16oz with a refreshing Hawaiian Punch Scent guaranteed to leave your vehicle with a hypnotic tropical island smell.

This is a professional grade car wash soap product that was designed and built for auto detailing professionals now available for everyone to enjoy.

Why Buy Spotbot Cleanse?

best car wash soap

Spotbot cleanse is a rich and luxurious car wash soap that was specifically designed for professional automotive detailers. It provides a gentle wash and condition over your vehicle in one easy step.

Our premium car wash product formula offers only the best and rich soap suds that is both gentle and safe on your vehicle’s exterior. It will easily and safely wash away any tough dirt, road grime, and contaminants with ease!

Our ultra-rich paint conditioners clear away even the dirtiest debris that will reveal your vehicles natural color and clarity leaving your car or trucks paint looking fabulous.

Safe and biodegradable detergents which are safe on all paint types that will not compromise any wax protection.


Two Bucket Method

Here at Spotbot Specialty Automotive Products, We recommend using the “Two Bucket Wash Method” when using spotbot cleanse. This will reduce the chances of swirl marks and provide a much cleaner and safer way to wash your vehicle. The two bucket method utilizes one bucket filled with our spotbot cleanse and water and the other bucket with just clean water used to rinse and clean your microfiber towel or wash mitt.

  • Fill one bucket with spotbot cleanse car wash soap and water
  • FIll the second bucket with clean water
  • Use a car wash mitt and dunk it into the spotbot cleanse soapy water bucket to pick up uncontaminated wash solution
  • Proceed to wash your vehicle with the soapy spotbot cleanse soaked car wash mitt
  • Rinse your car wash mitt into the clean water bucket
  • repeat till your car is fully washed.


To learn more about the two bucket wash method check out our blog for more tips and tricks when it comes to detailing your precious vehicle.

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