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SPOTBOT – REPEL: The Ultimate Glass Protection

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How to Use Spotbot Repel:

  1. clean windows thoroughly to remove dirt and contamination using Spotbot Spotless
  2. firmly grip on bottom seal between the two bags and pull apart to mix both solutions
  3. swirl bag around to assure solution is mixed evenly and let settle for a minute
  4. once settled. pull open top seal where pour tube is located
  5. using gloves. pour some repel onto glass and use applicator pads to spread evenly onto glass
  6. once spread. let sit for a minute then use the microfiber towel to hand buff excess repel off
  7. repeats steps 5-6 doe 2 coats on all glass and mirror surfaces

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spotbot repel
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SPOTBOT – REPEL: The Ultimate Glass Protection

$69.99 $49.99
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What Is Spotbot – Repel?

Spotbot repel

is the ultimate nano ceramic coating technology used on glass and mirrors. Repel will prevent water from forming permanent water spots that damages glass and prevents contamination build up.

Spotbot Repel will bead water with it’s extreme hydrophobic properties to increase visibility and to maintain optimal clarity on windshield and all other glass surfaces. It also has the ability to keep windows dirt and grime free with self-cleaning capabilities.



Best Used For:

  • Automotive glass surfaces
  • Automotive Mirrors
  • Topical Clear Coat Wear
  • Targeted Gloss Enhancement
  • Spotbot Remove Follow Up

Safe on glass and mirror surfaces


water spot protection

  • Repels water to stop water spots from forming
  • The best water spot protection available
  • 2-Year protection from water spots
  • Increase visibility when driving while raining


repel water

Protect your windows from water spots for 2 years! Spotbot Repel is a specially enhanced form of water spot protection.

It’s quick and easy to apply and with our proprietary blends and a special mixture of chemicals which leaves your windows with a superior water spot repellent coating.

Our specially formulated formula repels and beads potential water spot stains that would normally stick and dry to your glass surfaces. The process is extremely easy to apply using Spotbot repel.

Although our product was created for automobiles you can also use spotbot repel on any glass surface which includes, glass shower doors, house windows and more.

Simply clean your windows thoroughly to remove dirt and contamination using spotbot spotless to remove any current water spot build-up.

Pull apart the packaging from the center to break the center seal allowing both separated mixtures to mix together.

Next swirl the bag around to assure that the 2 mixtures are combined and mixed properly.

Now open the top seal by the pour tube. Using gloves pour some spotbot repel onto your cleaned glass surface and use an applicator pad to apply an even coat across your glass surfaces.

Simply let it sit for a minute then using a clean and dry microfiber towel, start buffing out the excess spotbot repel off.

Apply 2 coats on all your glass surface for 2-year protection.

If you want to remove water spots from your painted surface check out our product spotbot dissolve.

What are you waiting for? Protect your windows from those nasty water stains. 2-years is a long time to not worry about water spots.

Spotbot Spotless instantly eliminates alkaline and acid rainwater mineral water spot stains from glass surfaces. First, simply wash and clean the area to remove any dirt and debris from the surface using soap and water or spotbot flash our fast detailer and exterior detail spray. Then simply apply spotbot spotless water spot remover over any stuck-on water spots that the wash could not take away. A microfiber towel is then used to dry and buff away the water spots left on the surface. Always follow up with a coat of wax or sealant or better yet, a 2-year glass coating using spotbot repel to ensure a long-term protection from water stains.


Spotbot Repel is available in 1 convenient size, and available to purchase today.


  • car care
  • paint correction
  • exterior car care
  • interior car care
  • detailing products
  • paint chip repair
  • quick detail
  • automotive top care
  • car wash
  • car wax
  • hard water spot remover
  • ceramic coating

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6 reviews for SPOTBOT – REPEL: The Ultimate Glass Protection

  1. Santosha S.

    just tried some on my windshield-awesome product!

  2. Ryan F.

    Damn! Time to switch companies

  3. Eric W.

    Good stuff…got some..works great!

  4. Malia M.

    its a great product i recommended it to my friend and we both like it

  5. John W.

    Awesome I love it!

  6. Jeffrey

    We just received the product and our excited to see how it works on our shower glass

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