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What Is Spotbot – Spotless?

Spotbot Spotless

is a superior water spot removal product to be used on all automotive glass surfaces spotless will obliterate most stubborn and hard water glass contamination build up effectively and easily.


  • Hard Water Spots
  • Mineral Build Up
  • Surface Stains

Best Used On:

  • Windshield Water Spots
  • Window Water Spots
  • All Automotive Glass Surfaces
  • Glass Contamination

May also be used on:

  • Stove Tops
  • Shower Doors
  • Tubs
  • Toilet Bowls
  • Stone Table Tops
  • Tiles & Flooring
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Metal

Safe on Glass and Hard Surfaces

Why Buy Spotbot Spotless?

what removes water spots

  • Removes water spots from any and all glass surfaces
  • Quick and EASY water spot effortless removal
  • Permanently removes hard to remove water spots in seconds
  • Very little goes a long way
  • Available in 8-ounce and 16-ounce size

An Easy Way To Remove Water Spots From Your Car

remove water spots effortlessly

remove water stains with ease. Spotbot Spotless remove the water spots very easily with our proprietary blends and a special mixture of chemicals which leaves your car windows spotless!

Our specially formulated formula neutralizes any alkaline water spot stains that seem to be stuck-on your windows and glass surfaces. The process is extremely easy to do using spotbot spotless.

Although our product was created for automobiles you can also use spotbot spotless on any glass surface which includes, glass shower doors, house windows and more.

Simply apply a very small amount of spotbot spotless into the area affected by water spots to neutralize and remove those harsh stuck-on water spots from your surface.

Wipe clean and dry with a microfiber towel because of the properties in spotbot spotless you may see some swirl marks, simply add water to the area and continue to wipe dry.

If you want to remove water spots from your painted surface check out our product spotbot dissolve.

Once your windows are spotless you can apply spotbot repel to your glass surface to protect and prevent future water spot contamination and damage from forming again. Spotbot Repel is a two-year protection.

What are you waiting for? Erase those ugly water spot stains with spotbot spotless today!

Understanding Water Spots

How do you remove water spots from your car? What are water spots?

After beads of water evaporate it leaves behind mineral deposits and stains which are known as hard water spots. This water spot damage starts when droplets of water are left on a surface and left there to dry. When these droplets of water dry and evaporate, all minerals that were inside of the water droplet gets left behind to stain and form ugly water spots. If you catch it quickly it can be wiped away with a simple car wash or detail cleaner such as our spotbot flash which is a quick detailer and detail spray for the best exterior car care. However, if left overnight or longer, the water spot may stick harder, if this happens you can try buffing it out or use a clay bar but who wants to work hard when it is spotbot spotless.

If the water spots are left for over a day baking in the hot sun, the minerals can also bake into the area making it harder to remove. At this stage, water spots begin to etch deeper into the affected surface which can cause permanent water damage that may require a stronger fix.

Hawaii Auto Detail offers this type of auto detailing service. Sometimes it can require an orbital polisher, wet sanding, and professional buffing.

So be sure to remove water spots as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of permanent damage by using spotbot spotless.

Instantly Removes Water Spots

perfect water spot remover

Spotbot Spotless instantly eliminates alkaline and acid rainwater mineral water spot stains from glass surfaces. First, simply wash and clean the area to remove any dirt and debris from the surface using soap and water or spotbot flash our fast detailer and exterior detail spray. Then simply apply spotbot spotless water spot remover over any stuck-on water spots that the wash could not take away. A microfiber towel is then used to dry and buff away the water spots left on the surface. Always follow up with a coat of wax or sealant or better yet, a 2-year glass coating using spotbot repel to ensure a long-term protection from water stains.

Simple To Use With Perfect Results

Majority of the water spots left behind are usually caused by lawn sprinklers, extreme wet then dry weather conditions, acid rainstorm, and no daily maintenance. A combination of all can be devastating. Spotbot Spotless is designed and formulated to provide perfect results when it comes to typical water spot minerals. It neutralizes and removes them from your glass surface without any abrasive compounds, orbital polishers or wet sanding that require a lot of work.

Remember, it works on all glass surfaces! Including your shower doors, home windows, and even tile.
The ultimate spot remover for car

Other Sizes Available

Spotbot Spotless is available in 2 convenient sizes, 8 oz and 16 oz bottles are available to purchase today.

How To Use Spotbot Spotless:

  • Avoid any direct sunlight for best results.
  • Clean the area to remove any dirt, debris, or abrasive contamination.
  • Apply Spotbot Spotless to a clean microfiber towels
  • Apply to the water stained area using spotbot spotless
  • Dry the area with a clean microfiber towel and if swirls are left behind rinse with water and continue to buff swirl marks away
  • Repeat until desired results are achieved.
  • Use Spotbot Repel to protect for 2 years.

For Auto Detailing services such as:

  • car care
  • paint correction
  • exterior car care
  • interior car care
  • detailing products
  • paint chip repair
  • quick detail
  • automotive top care
  • car wash
  • car wax
  • hard water spot remover
  • ceramic coating

Be sure to check out hawaii auto detail for all of your automotive detailing needs. The best and #1 detailing business in Hawaii. Our detailing products and detailing tools are top notches when it comes to the best spot remover for cars. We provide nothing but the best service for exterior car care and interior car care. Our ceramic nanocoating eliminates the use of car waxes. We have a special on our ceramic coats for $799 any size vehicle. Also, our famous restoration products are unbeatable.


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22 reviews for SPOTBOT – SPOTLESS: Perfect Water Spot Remover

  1. Admin

    See why it’s the best water spot removal product that the world has been talking about =)

  2. Robert Myers

    awesome! thanks!

  3. Admin

    World’s #1 Water Spot Remover!

  4. Admin

    Discuss product here!

  5. Nicholas Espinosa


  6. Jose R.

    Finally someone made it simple!

  7. Victoria Lee

    I bought it and it is what I’ve been looking for for a long time. Very good results! ??

  8. Bethany L.

    it actually works it’s worth it all day!

  9. Santosha S.

    just tried some on my windshield-awesome product!

  10. Eric W.

    Good stuff…got great!

  11. Kathleen Swink

    OMG this product works!

  12. Kanani T

    you won’t be disappointed! They made my Acadia look brand new!

  13. Aaron Valdivia

    Bought SpotBot for my windshield and mirrors on my Escalade and it worked! I tried other brands and did not work. I spread cream over glass and cleaned off. It didn’t get all the spots off the first time, but the second time it got all the spots off. Definitely recommend!

  14. Evoroadster

    This is the best spot remover I have tried and I have tried a lot of them. Its the easiest and most effective you will find at a very reasonable price.

  15. Tony V.

    Just did my car last week .. really good product. Used other products before that were all junk.

  16. Al L.

    Purchased this product for our FD, we have very hard water that leaves water spots so bad on our windows and mirror it makes it difficult to see.. I tried Spotbot on our First due Engine that is 12 years old, We had tried everything on the market to remove the spots from our glass on that truck and nothing seemed to work. Used Spotbot last night and yes it took some elbow grease but our glass looks like new. We are working on doing the rest of our fleet in the next month. Thank you so Much.

  17. Jonathan Tullar

    People! This stuff is the real deal legit!! I tried alot of different products and methods to remove my deep waterspots. Some said it was permanently etched and I was f*cked. Friend of mine let me try this out and in one minute it was gone. So I bought a bottle and now my windows look amazing! Buy it!! You wont regret it.

  18. Krystalyn A

    Tried it on my windshield and those water spots been there for like 4yrs..and it took it off but it took about 5 times doing the rub in and wipe off step..but it took it off eventually. I was amazed!!! Highly recommended!!

  19. Travis Hale

    I drive a 2014 Toyota Tundra 5.7. I have kept this truck in immaculate condition especially for living on a dirt road. I had water spots on my glass that were stubborn and very hard to remove. Gast forward 4 years and very stubborn water spots. I tried a few water spot remover products, vinegar, and buffing. Nothing would even begin to touch the spots. One day I stumbled across this video of SpotBot water spot remover. The results seen in the demonstration video are exactly the same results I had on my 4 year old water spots! I highly recommend this product!

  20. Kevin

    The best water spot removal

  21. Nicole M.

    A product that really works. 👍👍

  22. Ledor30

    This product works really well with hard to remove water spots. Had water spots on my truck for over a year and never thought that I can’t remove it until I purchase this product. I was amazed how it got the job done and made it look like new. I would really recommend this product to anyone who is dealing with water spots on the vehicles.

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