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What makes us unique from all other shops on the island is that we use our very own proprietary products developed specifically for the needs of our business and industry. You won’t find our products being used elsewhere but here. We are more than your average auto detail shop, we are your local entrepreneurs with the set goal to provide top-notch quality products and service to our local community and to the world.

  • Yo! Waddup waddup Hawaii Auto Detail! How can I thank you guys more than all that tip I gave ya'll?? They were able to clean  up a bunch of stains from my Escalade and I tell ya, it's more than appealing now than it was when I got it brand new. Thank you for helping me get rid of all those marks on my carpets and the smell that could never leave the car after a night of too much good fun. Haha. These guys are great, check them out and never ever ever want to go to another car wash or auto detailing shop ever again! Blessed.

    Nelly G.
  • Thanks Ben!! You're such a life saver! My puppy likes to make sure we go see this company for car washes every so often, haha! My car is quite the definition of tornado alley with my lil' pup wrecking havoc in there. Ben was able to get rid of all the stains my little one left and all the smells from the pee and poop -- yes I said that! Thanks again for all your hard work with my car. I will definitely be seeing you all again VERY soon and you can count on all my referrals going to you folks!

    Lisa P.
  • Ben and his crew did an outstanding job for my Lamborghini Aventador. I have a black Lambo and we all know black is the worst color that will show almost all imperfections there can ever be. I like to keep my cars in the best condition as possible but sometimes I just abuse it a little too much. Hawaii Auto Detail was able to show time and and time again that quality craftsmanship shows in all their work. Count me in fellas, I'm a hardcore fan!

    Linda T.
  • I'm not your typical customer that just walks in and expects enough. I expect the Best. Hawaii Auto Detail continue's to provide exceptional auto detailing and car wash services for all my vehicles. There's quite a collection of vehicles I bring to them of luxurious and high-end in nature so I expect to have such skillful hands tending to my cars. These guys are fantastic and I recommend any auto enthusiast to give Hawaii Auto Detail the opportunity. Oh by the way, check out their awesome line of Spotbot products that you won't regret, for sure!

    Dustin H.
  • I got a few cars and I always take them here to get an auto detail done when I'm in Oahu, my home land! They do great work and go above and beyond to get the job done. They sold me some great packages specific for my car's needs only when it needed it, meaning they are there to provide honest top-notch service tailored to your vehicle's condition. I am forever grateful to have such an amazing team stand behind the quality of service. Mahalo!

    Josh A.
  • Ben and his team at Hawaii Auto Detail did a superb job on my Scion XB! I got a car wash at their pearl city location and I have to say my car has never looked so great! I tried McKinley car wash and Waipio car wash but you really get what you pay for with those places. I like my car clean inside and out with some the best quality products being used on my car. I trust no one else but these guys to work on my car! So happy I got referred here, I will always be a loyal customer!!

    Shella A.
  • I took my Lancer Evolution X here to get a Job done. It was well worth my time and money. I spent a lot of money at other shops and tried out multiple products from different stores that supposedly would have gotten rid of all these pesky water spots on my car's paint and windows. Apparently Hawaii Auto Detail uses Spotbot Specialty Automotive Products which is only found here and they were able to obliterate the stains on my car! Thanks!

    Almin C.


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