How To Wash A Black Car Without Scratching It

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How To Wash A Black Car Without Scratching It

Tips that will help prevent scratching when washing your black vehicle

how to wash a black car without scratching it

If you’re like me and own a black vehicle you understand the frustration of keeping it clean and shiny and also dealing with the highly visible scratches left without proper care.


And a great quote from such an amazing human being was “A customer can have a car painted any color he wants as long as it’s black” By Henry Ford.


He definitely had style and taste in beautiful cars and trucks.


Let’s face it, no color looks as clean and sharp as a black colored vehicle but keeping it clean and shiny takes a lot of work. With a black car, you’ll see every imperfection in it because of the light that is reflected off of the vehicle. From dirt, dust, and scratches. So how exactly do you was a black car without scratching it?


Cleaning a Black Car

cleaning a black car

One of the best ways is by a good old fashion hand wash. You definitely want to avoid those drive-through car washes because of all the nasty acid that is sprayed on your vehicle isn’t exactly automotive paint friendly.


If you own a black colored vehicle then it’s more than likely you wash your car more often than most.


You want to practice two bucket washing.


Two Bucket Washing

two bucket washing

Here are the steps to properly wash your black vehicle by hand:


  1. Park in a nice shade area


  1. Rinse your vehicle off with water to loosen any contamination build up


  1. Fill one bucket with a car-wash soap solution we recommend Spotbot Cleanse And the other bucket with clean water.


  1. Use a wash mitt since it holds more water and is softer on your paint than a sponge and dip it in the bucket with your soap solution and start wiping in small areas from top to bottom.


  1. Use the second bucket with clean water and rinse the wash mitt with it then repeat step 4 until you have washed your entire vehicle.


  1. Use a car specific drying towel such as a chamois as these won’t harm your paint and leave swirl marks behind. These type of cloths absorbs the water on impact.


  1. Complete the wash then proceed to wax your vehicle for future protection. For a more hardcore protection, we recommend getting your vehicle ceramic coated by professionals.


Follow these steps to keep a nice clean black car


Swirl marks or scratches on a black car can be so annoying. What makes it worse is that it’s more noticeable on a dark colored vehicle. Following the above steps when washing your black car will help prevent scratches. As mentioned above for a superior protection it is highly advisable to get a ceramic coating done by a professional auto detail shop such as Hawaii Auto Detail.


Scratches Beyond The Clear Coat

deep scratches

Majority of vehicles nowadays have a layer of clear coat which protects your paint. This protects against scratches to a certain extent and helps the paint shine. However, if you do not take proper care when washing your car, dirt and grime build up can eventually cut into the clear coat over time. Which is why an extra layer of protection such as wax or ceramic is ideal for all black vehicles.


To learn more about protecting your vehicle with ceramic coating and the benefits it has especially for dark vehicles please read our blog post on ceramic


It is strongly recommended to choose your ceramic installer carefully, make sure that they are using a top quality ceramic coat.

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