Water Spots On Car After Washing

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Water Spots On Car After Washing

water spots on car after washing

Do you suffer from water spots on your car even after washing your vehicle? If so, this write-up is for you.

We will cover some tips and tricks to prevent water spots from forming and also show you a quick and easy way to remove water spots.

There is nothing worse than washing your vehicle, drying it and then noticing that the water spots won’t come off.

Let me guess, you tried everything to remove those water spots and nothing seemed to work.


How To Prevent Water Spots On Car After Rain

A quick and easy way to prevent water spots on your car after rain is by quickly drying your vehicle down with a clean shammy or microfiber towel.

At your earliest convenience, immediately dry and wipe away the water before it drys up.

Also be sure to rinse your car down with water, this needs to be done because of a lot of rainwater carries mineral deposits which will then dry up causing the water spots.

Another sure-fire way to prevent water spots is by getting a paint protection coating such as a clear bra or ceramic coating.

Browse our blog page to read more about ceramic coating and how it can benefit your vehicle and keep it water spot free.

If getting this paint protection service is out of the question due to budget or whatever reason.

You could also wax your vehicle although it is not as effective as a ceramic coating it will temporarily protect your vehicle from water spot damage.


White Spots After Washing Car

These white spots you see on your vehicle after washing it is called water spots. It’s basically the mineral deposits left behind in a bead of water.

If it isn’t wiped down and treated before it dries up it will cause these white spots also known as water spots.


Water Spots On Car won’t Come Off

So you tried everything and nothing seems to work. You simply can’t get the water spots off your vehicle.

Don’t worry there is a fix.

And it is called Spotbot Dissolve. Spotbot Dissolve was specifically designed to remove water spots from your vehicles painted surfaces.

It will also remove water spots on your chrome bumper as well.

Just don’t use it on your windows. There is actually another product built by the company Spotbot Specialty Automotive Products called Spotbot Spotless.

Spotbot Spotless is specifically designed to remove water spots from your glass surfaces such as your windshield, windows, and mirrors.

Anyways, that is for another write-up. Today we will be focusing on Spotbot Dissolve.

If you’d want to get your hands on this amazing product you can follow this link by clicking here.


Do Water Spots Damage Car Paint

spotbot dissolve back

The quick answer is YES. If the water spots are left untreated it can cause damage in the long run.

Water spots left on a vehicle over time will eventually etch into the clear coat and possibly the paint.

When this happens, it won’t be an easy fix. That’s why the best way to stop this is through preventive measures.

Such as wiping the vehicle down after rain or by waxing or getting a protective paint sealant such as ceramic coating.

The beauty part about ceramic coating is that it has hydrophobic properties which will repeal rain and water.


Will Vinegar Hurt Car Paint?

In short, NO. However, it can cause your paint to get dull. This is why we do not recommend using vinegar as a solution to remove water spots.

As mentioned above, Spotbot Dissolve is specifically designed for this task at hand and should be the product you apply to your water spots on your vehicle.

Also if your water spots are caused by acid rain, vinegar won’t remove it. That is why it is always best to use a product that was specifically designed to remove water spots such as Spotbot Dissolve.



So there you have it. We hope this article served you well and now you’re able to get those water spots off your vehicle.

Just remember spotbot dissolve for water spots on your paint and body and Spotbot spotless for your windows and glass surfaces.

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Water Spots On Car After Washing
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